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The Lake Forest Charger July 4th 5K Race began in 1995 by a sports organization with fewer than 250 runners. They initially donated $250 of the proceeds each year to the El Toro High School PSTO and in 1999 its management was taken over by a committee of El Toro parents and since 1999 it has raised almost $300,000 (currently from $15,000 to $20,000 per year)!

These proceeds are used to fund our Education Booster Program which covers everything from shop supplies to projectors, to foreign language magazines or tables for activities. It gives teachers and staff the possibility to enrich our students’ academic experience. This is not money that goes to sports groups or clubs because it is meant to benefit the broadest range of students as possible. This event has become more than a fundraiser. It is a community event for the City of Lake forest and its surroundings. Over 1,000 runners plus supporters and vendors come out. Many families have made this a part of their Fourth of July celebration for years, with their children returning home from college or on vacation and running with their parents. We have runners and walkers who bring in about $25,000 in registration contributions and sponsors who donate from $100 to $1,000 year after year.

We utilize a support company to take care of on-line registration, timing and logistics. The City of Lake Forest closes down the streets and provides amenities and services.  Most importantly, we have amazing volunteers and committee members who take care of the operation, sponsorships, publicity and supplies and a small army of volunteers for race day.

Get involved and become a volunteer or sponsor or gather your family and join our event. We promise you will have a blast and with that, we will make sure that all our children will have a better educational experience.


Grad Nite Update!

Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 situation, Grad Nite has been cancelled.

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